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Global Pharma Analytics did not become the premier contract CGMP analytical chemistry laboratory in Florida overnight. Through acquisition, partnerships, in-licensing, and substantial investment, Global Pharma Analytics has built an organization in which quality and service to clients are top priorities. For this reason, Global Pharma Analytics’ clients have voted GPA as the premier contract CGMP analytical laboratory through their actions – sending repeat business to Global Pharma Analytics. Rooted in almost a decade of service within the community, Global Pharma Analytics has garnered a solid reputation and following among many companies within the FDA-regulated industries, including pharmaceutical, medical device, nutraceutical, cosmeceutical, and compounding pharmacy companies.

Global Pharma Analytics is more than just a top quality contract CGMP analytical chemistry laboratory. Global Pharma Analytics is an organization composed of a team of individuals, from top to bottom, who are highly-experienced leaders within our market niche. We found that the industry is composed primarily of a range of testing laboratories, with two types of testing laboratories on either bookend: the mega-lab and garage-lab. The mega-lab has most of the quality processes in place, but treats clients like a commodity (like a warehouse club store) in which turnaround time, attention to detail, and concern for client needs are lost in the push to sell services. On the other side of the spectrum, the garage laboratory consists of a couple of scientists who started a lab, but usually do not have the quality processes in place to meet the stringent standards of CGMP.

Global Pharma Analytics sought to create a new type of laboratory within the market. Global Pharma Analytics offers processes adhering to the highest quality standards while simultaneously providing personalized service at an affordable price. We made a conscious decision to build a laboratory that provides services the way that we, as experienced professionals whom have outsourced services, would want those services provided. We welcome you to contact us today and provide us with the opportunity to help you meet your contract CGMP analytical chemistry testing needs.

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